Panel: The decision to return to the office...or not?
Date & Time
Monday, July 20, 2020
Todd Beaupre Julie Leese Paul Vallée

Todd Beaupre, Product Manager at YouTube

Julie Leese, Chief Digital Officer at Transport Canada

Paul Vallée, Founder & CEO of Tehama

Paul Vallée sits down with Todd & Julie for an intimate conversation to compare and contrast two very different experiences when it comes to making the decision to return to the office. How do the approaches of these two companies, YouTube and Transport Canada, differ? YouTube, a San Franciso Bay-area technology company and Transport Canada, one of the earliest non-tech companies to maximize the use of remote working for its employees. Paul looks at these remarkable acts of leadership and goes deep into the rationale that lead to their decisions, and what their organizations did and are doing to make employees feel safe to return to the office.

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