The Future of Work in a Post Covid-19 World
Date & Time
Monday, July 20, 2020
Steve Cadigan

By Steve Cadigan, Talent Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Author

Covid-19 has caused dramatic change across the globe. In fact, for the first time in history, EVERYONE is facing massive changes in their lives on every dimension: work, family, home. We continue to learn even today of new impacts and changes from this pandemic. While there are many reasons to be concerned, there are also many opportunities that this new reality presents to all of us. For those of us engaged in the world of change, influence and innovation there is reason for hope. You are invited to an engaging talk to be delivered by Steve Cadigan, a talent expert and global thought leader on the future of work. Steve is the former VP of Talent at LinkedIn and for the past 10 years had dedicated himself to helping individuals and organizations build compelling talent strategies.

Come join us for 45 minutes of inspiration where Steve will discuss why now is a great time to innovate and why history has shown us that in times of massive change and even anxiety, greatness can be born.

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