Out of Sight Out of Mind? The Future of Making Remote Work, Work
Date & Time
Friday, July 10, 2020
Jenn Vukojevic

By Jenn Vukojevic, Organizational Development & Communications Specialist, Pythian


The modern workplace has shifted and remote working is becoming the norm globally. In fact,50% of people worldwide are currently working outside their office for at least half the week according to a study conducted by the International Workplace Group (IWG).

But besides equipping your employees with a laptop and having video call meetings, what are we really doing to make our remote employees feel connected to the company and how do we overcome the us versus them mentality between remote workers and those working in the office? It’s time organizations take on the heavy lifting by building initiatives into their business strategies that will help our remote workforce stay connected and engaged.

Here’s how you can make remote work, work:

1. Create a culture of inclusion and belonging.

2. Build Trust. It’s at the heart of employee engagement.

3. Share stories to cultivate empathy & understanding

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