Remote Best Practices: People, Process, Platform and Place
Date & Time
Thursday, July 9, 2020
Cary Moretti

By Cary Moretti, Co-Founder of Proximuto Inc.

By Cary Moretti, Co-Founder of Proximuto Inc. 2020 started dramatically with a pandemic that left offices empty of all but stained coffee cups and empty chairs. In March, ready or not, infected or not, physical distancing arrived and the global work from home experiment began. Despite easing restrictions and an opening economy, many offices remain empty as we begin navigating towards the “new normal” and a workplace that may have far fewer workers. The overnight WFH shift exposed gaps in critical processes such as onboarding, mentorship and management, team communications and collaboration. Success in the new workplace has been defined by the ability to adapt and readiness to implement the remote best practices of highly performant distributed teams without losing the culture and values they have worked so hard to establish. In this session we will contrast the current WFH environment with remote best practices through the lenses of Proximuto’s 4 Pillars: People, Process, Platform, and Place. We will discuss tactics for successfully transitioning to a new workplace norm with a focus on maintaining the flexibility necessary to deal with changing restrictions.

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