Lead, Care, Win: 9 Valuable Lessons to Become a Leader Who Matters
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Dan Pontefract

By Dan Pontefract, Leadership Strategist & Author


If anything needs to be learned from the pandemic, it is that we should not be afraid to change. Our long-term recovery depends on it. Best-selling author and leadership strategist Dan Pontefract will outline 9 insightful yet super-practical leadership lessons that will help you with your personal leadership during and after the pandemic. Every human interaction is crucial. Every exchange can be mutually beneficial. It's time to change. It’s time to start becoming a more caring leader.

  • Recognize the need to be both a leader of self and of others, regardless of your role or title.
  • Discover ways in which to apply a more empathic and genuine form of leadership.
  • Design a new model of leadership for yourself that focuses on getting tasks accomplished, but in a kinder, collaborative, and giving way.
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