Panel: COVID-19 - Lessons Learned From Quickly Pivoting To a Remote Workforce
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Isabelle Perreault J. Tyler Rohrer Paul Vallée Alan Wille Dane Young

When COVID-19 rapidly caused unprecedented disruption globally, businesses were left scrambling to find solutions that would enable their employees to work from home. Throughout the process, there were a lot of hard lessons learned. The transition was not seamless for many, and now, in the second phase of working remotely, the gaps in people, processes, and technology have been identified and can now be addressed. As we head into the third phase, sustainability, there is an opportunity to innovate and build a more efficient, sustainable workplace. In this panel discussion, seasoned leaders shared their expertise on how they approached the transition to remote and shared key takeaways and tips to help succeed in the next phase of workplace transformation. Panelists: Paul Vallée, Founder & CEO, Tehama (Moderator) Allan Willie, Co-Founder of Klipfolio J. Tyler "T-Rex" Rohrer, Co-Founder of Liquidware Isabelle Perrault, CEO of Differly Dane Young, Founder of YOUNGTECH

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