Celebrating the acceptance of remote work + Predicting the new look of remote work
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Nicole Turchin & Kurtis Karn Jennifer Batley Mark Emond

11: 00 am ET - Celebrating the Acceptance of Remote Work & Making it Work for you! (Nicole Turchin, Director of Inspiration at BNG Team and Kurtis Karn, Talent Acquisition Manager at WEX Health)

COVID-19 changed the way many companies approached remote work. While "butts in seats" was the old norm, we've now (thankfully!) moved into the world of leading employees who have found a high-level of happiness in working remotely. Happy people equals happy employees so everyone is winning!

Are there challenges? Of course! But when we're willing to think with a "what's possible?" mindset, the opportunities we create for our organizations and our people to thrive are unlimited. 

Join us as we talk about the celebrations and challenges of transitioning to a partially or fully remote workplace. We promise you'll walk away with some new ideas and a "we can do this!" mindset!

12:00 pm ET - What is normal, anyway?  Predicting the new look of remote work (Jennifer Batley, President of Napkyn Analytics, Julia Duffy, Director of HR at Tehama and Mark Emond)

Jennifer Batley, Julia Duffy, and Mark Emond sit down for a ‘fireside’ chat; exploring the nature of remote work pre, during, and post COVID-19. What lessons have businesses and individuals learned, how are employee and manager needs evolving as things begin to open up again, and how might companies leverage the pandemic experience to succeed going forward?  We’ll explore this topic through both an HR and operational lens, and invite the audience to share their own experiences and predictions during the session.

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