Vendor session: A Tehama Product Management Story: Developing a feature from a customer request in a Tehama Room. 
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Jaymes Davis

Come look inside a Tehama room from a Product Management viewpoint on increasing innovation velocity with turning customer requests into features with external engineering. Most startups with limited resources at hand, tech startups must identify and focus on the pain points that most resonate with their expertise. A quick resource audit is crucial to identify what can be done in practical terms so you can establish realistic and attainable goals. Instead of trying to squeeze many features in one release, prioritize product functionalities around their importance and existing resources, and divide them into short release cycles. Deploying a Tehama Room for bringing on an external engineering team is your chance to build external partnerships and add new competencies unavailable in-house. This allows your engineering teams to focus on their core capabilities while delivering best-in-class development results for different components of your product. For that, you must allocate internal resources to activate collaboration, coordination, and communication with your partners on a regular basis.

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