Vendor session: Remote work for power-users - solutions for a more effective work-at-home experience with remote graphics
Date & Time
Monday, July 20, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Pierre Couture Jaymes Davis

Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Government, Game Developers and Entreprises in general all face similar challenges when it comes to protecting the health of their employees. With the arrival of Covid-19, remote work has become part of the solution for most.  

But for some such as industrial designers, architects, engineers, etc., working-from-home involves much more than emails and powerpoints, and more robust, sophisticated and advance technologies are required. For these power-users, Cloud-based Remote Graphics Solutions are now available.   

Infrastructure plans, large financial data sets, confidential medical imaging, media files and many more types of rich-content files are central to the work of these professionnals.  Securely accessing and manipulating those files from home, with the appropriate applications, and without compromising performance, is now possible with the right combination of tools, softtware and services.

Learn how daregraphic's experts, in tandem with Tehama, can help your IT teams navigate through the options and avoid the pitfalls.  Discover how to set up an effective cloud-centric architecture able to deliver Access Anywhere, Compliance & Security, as well as a Just-in-time seamless Remote Graphics experience-at-home.

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