Desktop virtualization, VR, AR, AI + A panel on "Will remote work save your company $?
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Keith Millar Mike Paylor Gary Teelucksingh Craig Irwin Shawn Chance Jaymes Davis Robert Scoble Susan Richards

11:00 am ET - Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence - How Are These Technologies Shaping the Future of Work? 

  • Shawn Chance, Venture Partner at OMERS Ventures
  • Craig Irwin, Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts & Aliances, Tehama
  • Jaymes Davis, Director of Product Strategy at Tehama
  • Robert Scoble, Futurist, Author & Technology Strategist

The DaaS market has been growing fast of late. According to a 2019 Gartner report, it's expected to see "rapid growth through 2023, growing to $2.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 58.8%" – and that was before the pandemic turned remote working on its head.  

Spurring this multi-year trend are several converging factors, including public cloud maturity from multiple vendors (including better pricing and performance), a push by large players such as Amazon into DaaS solutions, and rising cybersecurity and compliance concerns on the part of organizations with large workforces.

At the same time, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, VR and AI will also play a vital role in the future of work. 

As businesses enter the third-phase of COVID-19, with varying degrees of digital transformation ,including a hybrid or "digital-first" workforce, what are the cutting-edge technologies that we will see in the workplace of the future? 

Which technologies will rise to the top and remain in place long after the pandemic? Are there any standout winners or losers? What is piquing investors' interest right now, and what do businesses need to do to get on their radar?

Join Robert Scoble, author of The Infinite Retina: Spatial Computing, Augmented Reality, and how a collision of new technologies are bringing about the next tech revolution, Shawn Chance, Venture Partner at OMERS Ventures, Jaymes Davis, Director of Product Strategy, Tehama, and Craig Irwin, Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts and Alliances, Tehama, for a fireside chat on the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of work.

12:00 pm ET - Panel: Will remote work save your company cash? The financial side of running a remote workforce

  • Rob White, CFO of Tehama
  • Mike Paylor, VP of Engineering & Product, Upwork
  • Gary A Teelucksingh, COO of Capco
  • Keith Millar, President of Pythian
  • Susan Richards, Co-Founder of Numbercrunch

Now that many businesses have experienced the reality of running a company with the majority of workers working from home, there have been a lot of conversations around the financial benefits of going remote permanently. There are obvious savings like not having to pay for office space, and associated operating costs, however, establishing a fully remote workplace still requires a significant investment. What are the long-term cost savings of having a physical office vs. going entirely virtual?

Financial leaders will join this session to discuss various financial implications (good and bad) when adopting a distributed workforce.

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