Vendor session: Tehama and Automation Anywhere Present: Enabling a Tehama COE for Robotic Process Automation
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Edmundo Costa Jaymes Davis

The priorities and challenges for RPA differ between IT and non-IT leaders, but both groups agree that funding, identifying, and prioritizing RPA opportunities are the top three challenges. However, only 58% of organizations are able to achieve all expected outcomes from their RPA efforts. Funding, RPA opportunity identification, and prioritization are common challenges impeding RPA success as well as variability in priorities and challenges between IT and non-IT leaders in RPA implementation. Come hear how Tehama and Automation Anywhere have created a solution to address these challenges by creating a Virtual COE (Center of Excellence) for your RPA Journey. Organizations that have a COE responsible for RPA within their enterprise have been successful in achieving the speed and velocity necessary to implement hyper-automation with minimal disruption. Nearly half of those COEs are specific to RPA, while the remaining half is also responsible for other automation efforts such as machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI). A Tehama COE is a landing space for expertise, both technical and functional, to reside to help others in the organization begin their RPA journey or implement the organization’s RPA journey.

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