Forging the last mile of user acceptance in a Post-COVID world + Moving legal and finance to the cloud
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Mike Barmonde Casey Cheyne Andrea Johnson Jason Burke

11: 00 am ET - Just-In-Time, not Just-In-Case: Forging the Last Mile of User Acceptance in a Post-COVID World (Casey Cheyne & Mike Barmonde, IGEL)

The future of work is now, accelerated by a post-COVID world where users must be able to work from anywhere, securely. Join us for a discussion around the ‘last-mile’ of digital transformation, which could possibly be the hardest with users demanding an ‘office-like’ experience. Join us as we discuss ‘just-in-time’ solutions for this new normal with the end-user as the centerpiece.

12:00 pm ET - Moving Legal and Finance to the Cloud (Andrea Johnston, Partner at Dentons & Jason Burke, Co-Founder & CEO of Positive Venture Group)

Jason and Andrea explain how to build a highly efficient financial and legal function in the cloud using a curated technology stack and lean business processes.  The promise is not just saving cost, but improving consistency and user satisfaction.

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