Partnering with Diabetes Action Canada to successfully launch a healthcare data-sharing pilot, virtually
Hassan Jaferi

Within a few months, Bitnobi and Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) partnered and successfully launched a healthcare data-sharing pilot project, completely virtually. Diabetes Action Canada, is a national research network focused on transforming the health outcomes for people with diabetes. Bitnobi, a secure data-sharing platform, was able to demonstrate the technical ability to launch a secure data sharing pilot project of DAC’s launched National Diabetes Repository. With the successful completion of this first pilot, Diabetes Action Canada will be able to accelerate research projects that rely on access to data from different data owners that reside in different jurisdictions. In healthcare, it is usually rare to see pilot projects successfully roll out this quickly. In this session, we will share more details about the pilot, what we have learned, and the advantages of the entirety of the project being done virtually.

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