How IT can help healthcare workers post-pandemi‪c‬ [Podcast]
Tech Insights

Thank you to Info-Tech Research Group's for allowing us to feature the Tech Insights podcast. Throughout the pandemic, we've seen many efforts to express gratitude for healthcare workers. And they deserve it. Treating patients with COVID-19 means that healthcare workers are risking their lives every day, just by going to work. A study that came out in The Lancet in November demonstrated that healthcare workers, and especially nurses, have a higher rate of infection for coronavirus than non-healthcare workers. Not only are they taking that risk, but they are burned out. Overloaded intensive care units has stretched hospital staff to their limits. And now we're asking that same group of people to help us roll out the vaccines as fast as possible. It wouldn't be fair to healthcare workers if we didn't learn some lessons from this pandemic. From an IT perspective, there is an opportunity here to help reduce the risks faced by healthcare workers, and help reduce their workloads overall. Virtual healthcare is one promising area to explore here. Addressing the failures of the long term care home model is another. We have Jennifer Jones, Info-Tech's industry analyst for healthcare. And we're also joined by a special guest today. We have Shash Anand, the vice-president of product strategy at SOTI, an enterprise software vendor.

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