Uncovering the barriers to inclusion in a remote workforce
Bev Attfield Aaron Barth, Ph.D.

The global pandemic has rewritten the old workplace rules. Almost overnight, millions of on-site jobs were converted to remote positions, leaving individuals and organizations little time to adapt to the new paradigm. After conducting a research survey involving over 400 employees who had transitioned to remote work in the past year, we found among other things that working remotely has created new barriers to workplace inclusion. Of all respondents, 82% report communication obstacles and 83% report feeling disconnected from their workplace culture. Our new way of working has muted the norms and practices of workplace culture that build belonging.

Join Dr. Aaron Barth and Bev Attfield as they unpack the findings from this research led by Jostle and Dialectic and reveal the impact remote work has had on employees. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the barriers hindering inclusion, what impact this has on workplace culture and engagement, and recommendations to make their workplaces more productive, inclusive, and connected as we move into the next era of work.

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