Improving performance and agility with a blended workforce
Tim Ragan

Significant increases in underlying performance and agility & adaptability can be gained with the thoughtful design of a blended workforce -- a strategic combination of F/T employees with F/A (free agent) contractors. Doing this effectively requires the organization to have a clear understanding of work flows and value contributors to business outcomes, and sets the foundation for a highly adaptive, agile, and dramatically more cost-effective workforce. Any organization can begin to access the significant benefits of a blended workforce by employing a 7-step framework over a 90-180 day period. The process starts with the intelligent selection of a high-priority, bounded improvement project, moves through project team composition, drives for clarity around mission and expected business outcomes, and works to provide an open, engaged, collaborative environment where the team is challenged to deliver on stretch goals through innovative thinking around process, work flow, and human capital consumption requirements. For best results, these initiatives are owned and championed by a C-suite member (CEO, CFO, Chief of Strategy) with HR facilitating and supporting the project.

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