OPENING KEYNOTE: The hybrid workplace — Real insights from 20+ years running successful hybrid companies
Date & Time
Monday, May 10, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Paul Vallée

The hybrid work model is certainly not new, but it’s about to become commonplace for organizations everywhere. Research continues to show that employees and employers alike still want to spend at least some of their time in an office when it is safe to do so. How is your business preparing for this hybrid way of working? The long-term impact of our rapid transition to remote work is still being unearthed. But whichever future of work vision you subscribe to, it will be driven by the employee experience, and enabled by the right technology. 

In his opening keynote, Paul Vallée, Founder & CEO of Tehama, will share his lessons learned from 20+ years leading hybrid workforces. He’ll tackle how to manage office politics, communication styles and management strategies that will foster a healthy hybrid culture. Finally, Paul will discuss real strategies to create an engaging employee experience for staff, no matter where they choose to work that day.

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On-demand video
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